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  • 49,95 € (tax incl.)

    Pillow shaped baking pans from the brand Performance Pans from Wilton. Due to the round corners it is easier to cover this cake with fondant. With these pans you can make different kinds of cakes for every occasion. To create a 3D pillow connect both side to each other with some buttercream.

    49,95 € (tax incl.)
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  • 29,10 € (tax incl.)

    The Wilton Tiered Trio Round Pan Set contains three round baking pans for making a beautiful stacked cake! Use the baking pans for making a cake for a birthday, anniversary and may other occasions. The baking pans are made of aluminum.

    29,10 € (tax incl.)
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  • 5,99 € (tax incl.)

    With the FunCakes bake release spray is a quick and easy way to grease your baking pans, baking trays, waffle irons and oven dishes! The baking spray from FunCakes is a vegetable non-stick baking spray that is essential for every cake decorator.

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  • 19,65 € (tax incl.)

    This unique baking pan set, will make every piece of cake look like a multi-coloured piece of art. It‘s simple and it works. The separator ring divides the cake batter into different sections of the baking pan easily.

    19,65 € (tax incl.)
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items