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    Squires Kitchen Ready tempered Isomalt can be simply melt in the microwave. Isomalt is a sugar-free alternative that is ideal for making decorative biscuit centres, pulled sugar work and moulded decorations.

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    With the FunCakes Hazelnut Crunch there are many decoration possibilities! This delicious crunch, also known as nougatine, is very suitable for garnishing and decorating for example cream pastry, hazelnut merinque cake or a mocca cake. Or sprinkle some over a cupcake with a lovely swirl buttercream. Also great in fillings, such as creams, through ice of...

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    The FunCakes pearl sugar large are bake stable sugar nibs that give a crispy effect. The nibs can be used as decoration on top of cookies and cake or in Belgian waffles, sugar bread or cinnamon rolls.

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    This pasteurized purée is unbelievable for many uses: mousse, foam, ice cream, macarons, entremets, smoothies, glazes...

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    The cocoa nibs are the result of roasting the cocoa beans and breaking them into pieces. Its intense flavour and its crunchy texture bring a complexe aspect to your desserts and your salty meals.

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    Mycryo® is a 100% natural ingredient: pure cocoa butter in powder form. It's a true asset for tempering your chocolate. Just add 2% of Mycryo® into your melted chocolate.

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