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    You like the taste of lemon. Lemon baking emulsion from Lorann Professional without alcohol gives a smooth but with slightly tart taste. It has a richer and more intense taste than the extracts. You can use it like an extract in any home made cakes, cookies or even icing...

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    This concentrated food colour gel by FunCakes has a high concentration of colour pigment and can easily dye your rolled fondants, gum pastes, marzipans, creams, batters and cakes. And with the clean flip cap you can manage easily the amount to pour. Another advantage, the product is very stable in high heat (200°C)

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    The light corn syrup by Karo has a light vanilla flavour. It's an ingredient often used in multiple recipes. Use it in home pie recipes, marinades or even sauces. The corn syrup is a key ingredient in american cuisine.

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    The Natural Colour are Candy Buttons with natural flavour and natural colours but Hydrogenated fats free. They are perfect to melt and to coat your cakepops. They have a sweet taste of white chocolate. Ideal to work with and easy melting.

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