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  • 7,05 € (tax incl.)

    You would like to amaze your guests with a well-decorated display stand to match your celebration theme. Create the perfect party centerpiece to display your pops and let them choose their party pop from this 2-tier stand that you can decorate youself!

    7,05 € (tax incl.)
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  • 4,95 € (tax incl.)

    You don't like having chocolat on your hands while decorating your pops. The Wilton Pops Decorating Stand holds tight your pops upright by 2 plates as you decorate. It's great for letting the icing, chocolat dry and for letting the candy set undisturbed on your pops. It's ideal when you're making a lot of one design.

    4,95 € (tax incl.)
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  • 25,00 € (tax incl.)

    This beautiful 2 tier display will put your pastries under the spotlight.

    25,00 € (tax incl.)
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items